There are many complex and important legal issues to consider when starting or expanding a business.  Riesterer Law advises and counsels clients through the entire process of business formation, from entity selection to the creation of basic business documents, contracts and employment agreements so that businesses can hit the ground running or expand without disrupting their operations, and rest assured that their interests and their assets are adequately protected. 


Laying the proper foundation through well-crafted organizational documents can be critical to a business' long-term success and prosperity.  The items and issues addressed, or not addressed, in organizational documents can and often do become the basis for problems and even costly litigation as the business grows and evolves.  However, sound organizational documents can protect the business, proactively address potential issues that could arise, and insulate business owners from unnecessary liabilities.  


This is sample of the business organization services that Riesterer Law provides: 

    • Choice of entity issues
        • Sole proprietorship
        • Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
        • Limited Partnership Association (LPA)
        • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
        • Corporation
        • Professional Corporation

    • Preparation of organizing documents
        • Articles of Incorporation
        • Bylaws
        • Articles of Organization
        • Operating Agreements
        • Partnership Agreements
        • Other regulatory filings


    • Business operations issues and agreements
        • Tax licenses and forms
        • Business licensing or registration
        • Director, manager and officer agreements
        • Building, office and equipment lease or purchase agreements
        • Employee, consulting and independent contractor issues and agreements
        • Internal and external company manuals and policies
        • Manufacturing, distribution and reseller agreements
        • Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements
        • Professional services agreements
        • Non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements
        • Technology development and licensing agreements
        • Financing and leasing agreements
        • Web site user and privacy agreements
        • Protection of intellectual property


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