Regardless of whether a business is just starting up or has enjoyed successful operations for many years, it is important to understand the impact that contracts, both internal and external, can have on the company and the company's owners and managers. 


While there is a seemingly endless supply of contract templates available on the internet for virtually every conceivable situation, it is imperative that business owners and managers understand that each contractual relationship is unique and therefore carries with it a unique set of issues that need to be addressed and hurdles that must be overcome.   Businesses that are serious about protecting their interests and their assets understand that there is really no such thing as a form contract.  Unfortunately, however, businesses too often fail to realize they have not sufficiently protected themselves or their interests until a contractual relationship has unraveled and they are facing lost business, lost revenue, a costly settlement or litigation. 


Riesterer Law believes it is vitally important for businesses to ensure that their agreements are carefully crafted and customized for their particular purposes, therefore Riesterer Law provides thorough and complete contract drafting, review and negotiation services to its clients in connection with the firm's full-service business representation or as a stand-alone service to any client. 

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