After a business is established and takes shape as a separate legal entity, Riesterer Law often maintains a successful ongoing attorney-client relationship with the business, providing advice and counsel on general legal matters that arise in the course of daily business operations.   These ongoing legal services provided to business clients often include negotiating contracts between clients and their partners or service providers, reviewing business transactions of all types, and resolving disputes between the client and its employees, contractors, customers, vendors or other entities.  Some of the ongoing legal services provide to businesses by Riesterer Law include:


    • Organizing and coordinating member, director or shareholder meetings
    • Corporate Secretary Services
    • Advising managers and directors
    • Contract drafting, review and negotiation
    • Facilitation and coordination of joint ventures, strategic alliances and other business relationships for the client
    • Compliance with changing regulatory requirements
    • Changes in entity, name or location
    • Changes in entity structure or control
    • Business succession planning
    • Dissolution

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