In today's rapidly-changing business and regulatory environment, it is becoming more and more critical for a company's owners, directors, managers, and other personnel to have regular access to a legal support system to help ensure they are protecting the interests and assets of the business in its day-to-day operations.  Unfortunately, however, cost can often deter companies from hiring an in-house attorney or retaining an outside law firm that bills by the hour to provide such a service. 


For these reasons, Riesterer Law offers clients access to comprehensive outside general counsel services at a reasonable fixed monthly cost.  This outside general counsel arrangement provides the client with all of the advantages of having an in-house general or corporate counsel advise directors, managers and employees on day-to-day activities and respond to legal questions or concerns as they arise.  However, because these services are provide for a reasonable fixed monthly fee, the company does not need to worry about taking-on the expense of brining an experienced attorney in-house or about the hourly billing meter running every time a representative of the company needs to contact the attorney. 


Riesterer Law believes it is important to remain flexible and responsive to clients' needs, and to provide clients with the most professional and cost-effective legal services possible.  The firm feels that offering outside general counsel services to clients at a fair and fixed monthly rate encourages clients to communicate more freely and frequently with their attorney because there is no fear or apprehension about the additional expense involved in such communication.  While the outside general counsel services provided by Riesterer Law will not be appropriate for every client in every situation, the firm believe that under the right circumstances, establishing an outside general counsel relationship can lead to a more productive and proactive attorney-client relationship. 


The outside general counsel services provided by Riesterer Law are designed to meet virtually all of a client's needs for ongoing legal representation and provide the client with the same service and attention as an in-house attorney at a more reasonable cost. 


Riesterer Law's outside general counsel services will typically cover any legal questions or issues that arise in the ordinary course of a client's business operations, and will certainly include any and all of the typical services offered by the firm.  The only matters that will not be included in the outside general counsel services flat fee arrangement will be non-routine or particularly complex business transactions, disputes that cannot be resolved short of litigation, and matters that fall outside of the firm's areas of practice or expertise.  In such circumstances, Riesterer Law will confer with the client and evaluate options for engaging outside counsel or negotiating a separate limited fee agreement for Riesterer Law to provide the additional services. 


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