A growing number of building owners and tenants are looking for ways to make their particular spaces more comfortable, cost-effective, energy efficient and distinguishable from the countless other spaces that are available in many communities.  However, the existence of long-term and often complex lease agreements serves as a significant obstacle standing in the way of both landlords and tenants from achieving these goals. 


The solution to this problem, though not a simple one, is to negotiate, or renegotiate, a green lease.  Green leases are designed to remove obstacles to sustainability and energy efficiency, and can help businesses and building owners: (1) distinguish themselves from their competition; (2) create a more comfortable work environment; (3) manage energy costs; and (4) meet corporate sustainability goals. 


Riesterer Law works with both landlords and tenants, and helps clients understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of negotiating a green lease.  After consulting with the client and identifying the client's goals and objectives for the property, the firm will undertake a comprehensive review of any existing lease and work with the client to preliminarily evaluate the space and the occupants of the space to determine if a green lease might be right under the circumstances.  Riesterer Law provides comprehensive representation to its clients from the initial consultation through negotiations and drafting of the lease agreement.  Riesterer Law will also provide ongoing advice and counsel to its clients regarding maintenance of the lease agreement and any subsequent changes or renewals that may be required.


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