Riesterer Law understands the often far-reaching impact that legislative and regulatory changes can have on its clients.  With a comprehensive understanding of legislative processes and administrative law, Riesterer Law helps clients position themselves to effectively influence decision-makers and become engaged in the policy discussions that shape their industry.  Riesterer Law's legislative and regulatory representation may include: 
    • Drafting legislation
    • Tracking and analyzing proposed legislation
    • Preparing talking points, position papers, letters, summaries and other materials for use in lobbying and advocacy efforts
    • Building coalitions with other industry participants or groups
    • Securing meetings with legislative and administrative offices
    • Drafting hearing testimony and preparing witnesses to appear before legislative and administrative bodies
    • Preparing and submitting comment letters to agencies regarding proposed regulations
    • Specific lobbying efforts and activities
    • Compliance with lobbying and campaign finance regulations
    • Developing strategies to achieve specific legislative or regulatory objectives
    • Providing advice and counsel regarding compliance with newly enacted laws and regulations


Issue Monitoring

Policy Development

Advocacy & Lobbying

Campaign Finance & Political Action Committees

Lobbying Compliance

Local Government & Community Relations
Grassroots Organization